The Penny Matrix Overview

Introducing an Exciting New Concept in Home Based Business

The Penny Matrix

Launched on Sept 1st 2012

It is being referred to as:

The eBook of the Month Club ON STEROIDS!

The Penny Matrix Program Parent Company

Backed by a Solid 4-Year Old Global Company:

World Light LLC

    • Debt Free
    • A+ Credit Rating
    • Top Internet Security Rating
    • Massive Global Merchant Account

Penny Matrix Program Benefits

    • Get PAID to READ! With the Penny Matrix eBook of the Month Club – ON STEROIDS!
    • Choose 10 eBooks* from the library – month 1
    • Select 1 eBook a month from month 2 on out
    • All members of a household including spouses and anyone 18 years of age or older can join!
    • The eBooks can be viewed on all iPads and all of the popular Tablets, as well as on all PCs

* During the Founder Launch Phase – Offer Good to Jan 2013

Penny Matrix Program Highlights

    • Simple, Easy, Legitimate and Affordable for Everyone!
    • A Global Opportunity With Massive Growth Potential
    • At $7/month (US) It’s Priced For The Global Economy
    • Powerful “Fast-Fill” 2 by 14 Forced Matrix!
    • No Sponsoring Requirements to Get Paid up to $6,500.00/month (with a filled 2 x 14 Matrix)
    • Earn a 100% Matching Bonus on the Matrix Income of All Personally Referred Members!
    • HUGE -Virtually Unlimited Earnings Potential!

The Penny Matrix – High-Spillover
Fast Fill 2 x 14 Forced Matrix

Special Features

    • NOT a Binary Plan! – In all Binary Plans the  Spillover only fills One Side  of the Binary
    • A FORCED MATRIX! – In a Forced Matrix the Spillover Evenly Fills in the Entire Matrix!
    • Two-by Forced Matrix – A Fast-Filling Design Which Promotes Teamwork And Fast Growth
      - And Drives Success For All Team Members!

The Penny Matrix – High-Spillover
Fast Fill 2 x 14 Forced Matrix

     O (You)

   OO (1st Level – 2)

OOOO  (2nd Level – 4)

OOOOOOOO (3rd Level – 8)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  (4th Level – 16)

You are one of the 2 positions of the person above you – Whenever anyone above you sponsors more than 2 the extra people will “spill” into your matrix

The Penny Matrix – Payout Levels

Sponsor 0 – You Get Paid on all of your Even Levels:

Pay Levels:   2   -   4   -   6   -   8   -   10   -   12   -   14

Maximum Income Without Sponsoring = $6.500/mo.

For Each Person You Sponsor – You will get a 100% Match
of their Matrix Income up to the Maximum Matching Income of $6,500/mo. Per Person (With a Full Matrix)

Additionally – By sponsoring others – You can also Get Paid on all of the Odd Levels in your Matrix – through the 100% Matching Income Feature.

For example – Sponsor a Person on your 1st Level – their Even Levels (You Match) are the Odd Levels in your Matrix

- This is how you can be paid on all 14 Levels in your Matrix

The Penny Matrix – Pay to Infinity!

You can Get Paid to Infinite Levels – through the 100% Match on the Matrix Income of each and every person that your sponsor.
For Example – If your Matrix was Completely Filled to the 14th Level and then you sponsored a new member – they will fall outside your 14-Level Matrix – to your 15th Level.

BUT – Because you Match 100% of Their Matrix Income
——> You Get Paid Down 14 More Levels!
> This Can Happen Down to Infinite Depth!

The Penny Matrix – Income Examples

Sponsor 0 w/ Full Matrix: Income = $6,500/mo.

Sponsor 0 w/ 10% Matrix: Income = $650/mo.

Sponsor 1 w/ Full Matrix: Income = $13,000/mo.

Sponsor 1 w/ 10% Matrix : Income = $1,300/mo.

Sponsor 2 w/ Full Matrix: Income = $19.500/mo.

Sponsor 2 w/ 10% Matrix: Income = $1,900/mo.
- You May Sponsor As Many People As You Like!

Do the Math & See the HUGE Income Potential!

Join Our Penny Matrix Team!

The Timing Could Not Be Better!

This Amazing Program Is Rapidly
Spreading Around the Globe!

By this Time Next Year –  There could
be Over a Million Members On Board!

Don’t Delay! Join Today for Only $7 (US)

(then only $7/month to stay active)

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